Youth Sports Safety Information for Parents

On and off the ice and field, you’re concerned about your child’s safety. As a father and promoter of youth sports, Contact to Contact was developed in response to the unnecessary injuries children face when not wearing the appropriately sized and fit equipment.

According to the 2011 Public Health Agency of Canada, more than 40 percent of child and youth injuries treated in emergency departments are sport and recreation related.

  • 30% of those in children aged 5-9 years;
  • 68 % of those in children aged 10-14 years; and
  • 55% of those in youth aged 15-19 years

In addition, recent research by Safe Kids Worldwide found that every 25 seconds or 1.35 million times a year, a young athlete suffers a sports injury severe enough to go to the emergency room for treatment. The report studied the 14 most popular sports and found that concussions account for 163,000 of those ER visits, or 12 percent.

In order to fit helmets and shoulder pads properly, special fitting protocols and manufacturer guidelines are used. These guidelines take into account recommendations by Ophea for youth football safety, but go beyond generic instructions. Contact to Contact’s individual fitting service provides specialized equipment fitting for youth using manufacturers guidelines and proper fitting protocols.

These fittings can take place in the comfort of your residence or at a sporting goods store, when selecting new equipment. Our commitment to youth sports safety means we offer this service at a reduced price of $25 a session, per sport.

Get started today, or contact us for more in-depth information.