School football safety

Sports Inventory & Equipment Maintenance

Specializing in sports inventory, Contact To Contact takes stock of your group’s equipment and makes recommendations regarding repair and replacement. Sports programs lacking accountability in this area can face a multitude of issues that could damage their integrity, including using defective equipment and not implementing best practices for equipment storage and maintenance.

The inventory process includes the following:

  • Recording clothing and equipment issued and purchased for teams
  • Record-keeping for equipment room that includes purchasing, documentation, and documentation of safety checks on protective equipment including checking for defects, expired equipment and re-certifications
  • The type of storage we utilize to protect and store the equipment and clothing
  • The type of security system that is incorporated in the equipment room to discourage theft
  • How each individual item is marked for identification and tracking purposes
  • Knowledge of manufactures and industry safety specifications.
  • Knowledge of rules pertaining to your venue governing equipment