Child hockey helmet fitting

Fitting of Sport Equipment

A properly fitted helmet is one that is custom fit to the athletes’ head.  Each and every athlete is going to have a different head size and shape; you never just hand a player a helmet and expect it to fit. The head must be measured, and the proper size helmet must then be fitted for the specific head size and shape. A helmet needs to be fitted to a firm but comfortable level. The helmet must fit snug and not be able to move or rotate on the head, but also must maintain a fit that will allow the athlete a certain level of comfort. Other checks are made to confirm proper fit.

Shoulder pads are designed to provide protection to the shoulder, back and chest without restricting mobility. Some of the design features can help protect the athletes shoulder area from bruises.  Shoulder pads must fit properly to provide the protection for which it was designed. An improperly fitted shoulder pad could result in serious injury to the athlete.

Preventative measures such as these are time consuming but are well worth the benefit to the player’s health.